• is used as a general notion for teaching, educating and learning in multilingual settings.
  • means the performance of stories in a narrow or wider sense. Stories are foremost present in the lore of literature for children and adults.
  • as a performance is enacted through the iTEO app which allows for the use of storying in multilingual language learning in Luxembourg’s multicultural educational settings.
  • can be performed in manifold ways: speaking, acting, writing, composing, photographing, videographing, creating aesthetic biographies among others.


DECOMULTITEC is a research project (SCRIPT 2017-2020) that brings together practitioners and stakeholders from all educational areas (non-formal institutions, formal institutions, fundamental school, secondary schools, etc.).

The participants acknowledge and value the existing multilingual resources and competences of the children.

In their personal projects they try to elaborate on and to extend these multilingual competences by creating innovative and technologically enriched learning environments where each member can be an author and an evaluator of his/her own trajectories of learning (children, educators, teachers alike).