Conference presentation “Dynamic assessment of children’s language learning processes with iTEO”


The need for innovative teaching methods in the trilingual education system of Luxembourg and the lack of applied research in the field of oracy in diverse multilingual settings, lead us to research the use of the iPad application iTEO, which records and edits oral text (Gretsch 2014) within a theoretical framework of sociocultural theories of learning and actor-network-theory. The in-built automatic playback materialises and objectifies the oral language thereby providing opportunities for reflection of the language and for a dynamic assessment (Lantolf & Poehner, 2014). This reflection fosters the development of language and of metalinguistic skills (Gretsch 1994).

Using video and audio recordings, observation and interviews, we have investigated how nursery and primary school children develop oracy in multiple languages through collaborative storytelling with iTEO in compliance with the rules and regulations of the ethical committee of the University of Luxembourg. The data have shown how they collaboratively construct and transform oral texts and assess their productions while listening to the recorded texts. In our presentation we focus on the analysis of the dynamic assessment of the learning processes by all participants involved. We further discuss how the teachers use the collection of the children’s oral stories with both the children and the parents in order to discuss learning and to reflect on learning processes. The findings should provide us insights into the areas of oral assessment (e.g. range, fluency, accuracy, product, process, translanguaging) and the way this dynamic assessment complements more traditional methods used in schools.


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